Is There A Rihanna Sex Tape?

Was This a Ploy To Ruin Rihanna Before Chris Brown assault case?

Before the judgment day came close for Chris Brown over his charged beating of Rihanna, a sex tape purportedly highlighting the artist has been spilled. The charged tape has purportedly been spilled on the web and Rihanna's involvement is still unverified by the pop star. Different superstar tattle and music sites like report today that the video goes for 13 seconds and includes Paris Hilton-esque night vision footage and demonstrates a lady who resembles a form of Rihanna from two or three years back. The man in the video is not obvious, so it's difficult to know regardless of whether it's her ex Chris Brown.

Bits of gossip about a sex tape between the couple have been whirling throughout the previous couple of months and are suspected to be the most recent endeavor to dishonor Rihanna's notoriety and character.

The individual who made the video asserts that more footage will be discharged on June 22. The news of an affirmed tape comes after naked photographs of her hit the web, which were purportedly spilled by Brown.

While Brown denies having any part naked photograph spill, sources near Rihanna have said she is arranging a reprisal assault on her ex-lover by discharging trading off photographs of him.

Rihanna will affirm against Brown at his court appearance over his claimed bashing of her a while back.

The pair as of late sat inverse sides of the NBA finals, where Rihanna was apparently watching her most recent man-smash, magic player Rashard Lewis.

A source told the NY Daily News: "Rihanna is attempting to become more acquainted with Rashard. She's burrowing on him, and she trusts the inclination is shared."
She was beforehand connected to Lakers star Andrew Bynum, yet Rihanna's companions demand there's nothing going ahead between them.

The source included, "Rihanna and Andrew are just companions, and they have been for some time. It's Rashard who she needs. She supposes he's more blazing than hot."

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Rihanna Sex Tape Has Been Leaked


Fans everywhere are exploding with excitement after it was leaked this afternoon that there really is a Rihanna sex tape out there!  Sources are saying rapper J Cole lost his mobile phone yesterday, and we all know he's been seeing Rihanna.  Maybe he filmed himself having sex with Rihanna on tape?  We're all very anxious to find out what this is all about.  The video has a red haired woman that looks like our main lady!  Reports are surfacing from Media Takeout, so we should have more about the video tape very soon. Rihanna is known for being a wild cat; if anyone has seen her outrageous hair and dance moves, we're guessing she probably has some great moves in the bedroom too.  People these days can't seem to resist the urge to film themselves having sex, so chances are we're about to get very lucky to see a woman as sexy as Rihanna getting down to business.  Twitter is starting to pipe up with gossip about the breaking news, so stay tuned!

Update 1/7/2014: We have found another website purporting the Rihanna sex tape

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